The Man Whispering 28-Day Challenge!

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In the next 28 days, in five fun and juicy classes, I will guide you to
  • Flip His Prince Charming Switch: give him the #1 thing missing in most relationships (hint: it’s the thing that makes him WANT to give you everything you truly desire, and then some)
  • Get Fluent in ManSpeak: learn which types of communication (words, phrases and intonations) work like gold with a man – and which bomb every time. You’ll also learn how to call him on his sh*t, ask for things to be different, and have real emotions – all without shutting him down
  • Channel Your Inner Feminine Badass: flip your own light-switch! and then, master the mindset (and heart-set) that truly honors your man. (practice this one and you’ll never “lose yourself” in relationship again!)
  • Remove our Unconscious Blocks to Respecting and Trusting Men: get crystal clear on the hidden ways you’ve been pushing your man away, and turn them around, for good.
  • Do a Relationship 180°: get clear when you’re “settling” and when you’re with your right-fit partner. and, custom-design your blue-print for the long-term, so your love remains full of devotion, honestly and spice.
The Man Whispering 28-Day Challenge consists of
  • Five Audio Training Classes with LiYana: 75-minutes each; the mp3 recordings are yours indefinitely
  • Man Whispering Play-Book: easy and in-depth visual guides and home-play practices
  • “Time-released” emails to guide you through the 28-day format
  • all files are “eco-friendly:” completely digital/downloadable; no physical CDs or workbooks!
AND THREE JUICY BONUSES three of LiYana’s personal favorite Mini-Guides to jump-start you into the Man Whispering mind-set!
  • Love Yourself Naked: tools to create a long-term healthy lifestyle: let go of emotional eating, move through fear and doubt, trust in yourself & rediscover the pleasure in eating as well as the sensuality of your own body.
  • Open to Ecstasy: steps to transform shame, tension and relationship pain to easily and regularly experiencing out-of-this-world ecstasy.
  • Live Life Lusciously: techniques to tap into your #1 Source of Sensual Power – where it lives in your body, and how to access it 24/7, and it’s link to greater personal awareness and renewed confidence.

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It’s as if I’ve received all the “inside secrets” on men that a woman, in an ideal world, should get from her older sister or mother (and, who really does??!!).


I loved looking back at my goals on Day 28 and being amazed at how much I have grown. I know that there is still much more room for growth, but having the resources and already seeing a difference in patterns feels so good. My biggest successes thus far are that I am able to be conscious of and consider his needs so much more through speaking his language. I understand how, and more importantly why, my past approaches would frustrate and shut him down. He has often said to me during this course, ‘I feel like I was just Man Whispered…and I liked it.’


Thank you for being a sage and a bright light on my path, LiYana.”


Lynn W., North Carolina


  • “LiYana’s fine wisdom and material is amazingly offered, organized and presented.”
    ~ Elizabeth L.
  • “… the best $295 I’ve ever spent!”
    ~ Carolyn C.
  • “Almost all of my insecurities when communicating with men have been removed! I so appreciated learning about where men ‘come from’ especially as a mom.”
    ~ Anne S.
  • “Noticing myself busting out of my old bad habits that led me to a failed marriage.”
    ~ Megan F.
  • “Although I’m ‘working on myself,’ I can finally make it fun.”
    ~ Susan
  • “Taking Man Whispering helped me feel beautiful and helped me understand that I CAN have a successful relationship.”
    ~ Rachael
  • “The best part is whether you are in a relationship or not, it all can be put into practice right away with any of the men in your life – sons, friends, brothers, co-workers, and men you meet throughout your day.”
    ~ Claire P.
  • “A lot of dating advice will teach a girl to play complicated no-win games to hold a man’s interest. This approach has something wonderful: honesty and integrity. And that has given me a great deal of confidence.”
    ~ Joelle Budinsky



In the 5 audio training classes and accompanying home-play practices, you’ll learn the Five Principles of Man Whispering:

Class 1, days 1-6
Principle #1: Flip his “Prince Charming” Switch

  • Give him the #1 thing missing in most relationships, which has him WANT to give you everything he possibly can – and then some!
  • Get him to pick up around the house and all the other silly little things that really matter somehow
  • Get him to talk about his feelings and open up in a real way

“Just from appreciating him more, I was completely surprised by his offering (and I didn’t even ask) to get me a piece of furniture (I had previously expressed trying to find) and then had dinner waiting for me when I came to pick it up. He just seems more relaxed and happier too.”
~ Julie L.

“I’ve been practicing appreciative listening: asking a juicy question, giving him all the time he wants to answer it and holding my heart open with appreciation for him. I’ve been really surprised at how much men want to open up to me when I just give them the space!”
~ Joelle Budinsky

Class 2, days 7-13
Principle #2: Get Fluent in Man-Speak

  • Find out what kinds of communication (words, phrases and intonations) work like gold with a man – and which will bomb every time
  • Let him know what you want and how to please you without being demanding, harsh, critical or otherwise shutting him down
  • Gain the confidence in how to turn around any “stupid” fight – and keep the “serious” ones from happening at all

“Using language that lands with men has made a big difference. Mostly, I see in my son’s eyes (he’s 18) that he knows how much I love him and that it can actually be fun to relate with me.”
~ Nancy

“I understand how, and more importantly why, my past approaches would frustrate and shut him down. I am able to be conscious of and consider my man’s needs so much more through speaking his language. He has often said to me during this course, ‘I feel like I was just Man Whispered…and I like it.”
~ Lynn W.

“It’s hard to believe that we almost broke up two months ago, you couldn’t tell based on how we are acting together today.”
~ Kim G.

Class 3, days 14-20

Principle #3: Channel Your Inner Feminine Badass

  • Practice the mindset that attracts men to you like moths to a holy flame (it’s not what you think!)
  • Flip your own light switch so you glow like you swallowed a 1,000 watt light bulb! (ahem, your guy would really like to meet this YOU!)
  • Know how to really honor your man

“Who knew that my Inner Feminine Badass has such a clear voice and such strong desires that are all about pleasure and fun!! There may not be “the guy” right now but when there is, there is a fun, sassy woman in here who wants to bring all that to a relationship.”
~ Nancy

“This Principle was the turning point for me – when MY resources are completely depleted, I blame him, get frustrated or I can’t focus on him because I am so much in need of nurturing. For this woman, it’s about caring for myself, first.
~ E.D.

“When you explained that men most want my happiness, that resonated with me. I took it to heart and focused on giving it. I’ve since met this man. We balance each other. We laugh together. We dance together. We share the blame. I’m doing a lot better with this one!”
~ Joelle Budinsky

Class 4, days 21-27
Principle #4: Remove Your Unconscious Blocks to Respecting and Trusting Men

  • Get your Man-Map: understand his mind, his heart, his body and his emotions
  • Get crystal clear on the hidden ways you’ve been pushing your man away, and turn them around
  • Call him on his sh*t, ask for things to be different, and have real emotions – all without shutting him down

“… powerful, tough, life changing … I had no idea how angry with men I was and, on some level, how little faith I have in them. It felt like a huge piece, knowing now that the men in my life have been sensing this all along. For my men, now that I’ve been introduced to these tools and have an empowered Inner Feminine Badass who wants to empower men as well, everything changes. Thank you, LiYana, for helping me have the courage to discover this. Today’s a new day!!”
~ Nancy

“It was a chance to identify my current, ineffective behaviors. It was also a reminder that when things get tough, to communicate in the ways that will open things up rather than shut him down. ”
~ Claire P.

Class #5, day 28 and onward
Principle #5: Relationship 180°- Your Long-Range Personalized Plan

  • Get the things to do and say now – and the blue-print for the long-term – that will keep your relationship full of devotion, trust, spice and courtship
  • Know with absolute certainty that your relationship is rock solid, not easily shaken by a whim or a stiff wind
  • Feel proud to be with this man – and that there’s nowhere and no one he’d rather be with than you

“I leapt for joy when I saw that you provided us with this map! As someone who has already been divorced, I have always known that thorough communication and a shared vision was something I wanted to bring to my next committed relationship. I wasn’t sure how to address my current partner’s fears around marriage and children. Having a guide for this helps bring clarity and purpose to the process and has already had it land better with my mate!”
~ Lynn W.

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What women are saying about Man Whispering



“Neither one of us felt valued in our relationship. When I began the Challenge, we were on a ‘break’ (brink of breaking up) and hadn’t talked for two weeks. I first learned how if I wanted this relationship to work I needed to start appreciating my man for something, anything! Otherwise, this would die.


It’s hard to believe that we almost broke up two months ago, you couldn’t tell based on how we are acting together today. If I didn’t take the Challenge, our relationship would have ended. No question about it.”


North Carolina



“I was in a cycle of using negative feedback that just wasn’t any fun for me or my honey. And it wasn’t bringing us closer to each other or to things that I wanted. I knew if I didn’t do something, I would spiral downward and even ruin my relationship.


I know LiYana is great at many things, but she IS a relationship, man-whispering expert. LiYana holds such beautiful intentions for relationships, you can feel this is her gift to the world. She’s fabulous at teaching women to love our men (and ourselves). She teaches you to create a relationship where both of you feel loved, appreciated, heard and able to create what you want.


Especially the principle, Getting Fluent in ManSpeak (listening for his best intentions) has really helped me relate to my honey in a way that calls his best self forward. It’s the combination of knowledge and exercises and support that helped me get out of my love funk.”


Susan S. Lee, Brand Maven
New York



“I have been recently dating, and I wanted to learn some new tools that would help me understand men better, since it seemed that there was always such a disconnect between us.


I loved learning to use the key words that will have a man feel loved, successful and want to do his best! Without these, I could have gone through life mis-communicating over and over and not really getting what I wanted from a relationship. Or never really having a chance to really connect with a man like I would like to. I now have the tools now to communicate with men in a way that they will actually hear me.”


Cinthia Dennis
Master NLP Practitioner
Love and Attraction guru and founder of “My Inspiring Love and Beyond”
San Francisco



“Before taking the Challenge, I was in a victim cycle believing that men are either not available, unable to commit or self absorbed.


I now have a portfolio of gentlemen callers who meet my needs from; handyman (love the guys who know about their tools), comedian (he’s my gentlemen friend who ALWAYS makes me laugh) and a lover, who I thought was avoiding me, but came back into my life after I practiced Principle #2, ManSpeak with him.


As I shared about ‘Men and their 5 Ps,’ he said (as he graciously picked up the tab for dinner), ‘Here’s the 6th P…men like to PAY.’ He felt like a King in picking up the check, I felt like the Queen in being fed. Lovely!


Great course. I appreciated the price tag, the support and LiYana’s loving words of encouragement!


Irma Jennings
Founder, Food for Healthy Bones



“I came to the Challenge worrying was that I wasn’t going to do it right, and I would screw it up with a man I really wanted and would make myself miserable. But now, knowing about the Principles of Man Whispering, I can relax.


I started just smothering the men in my life with appreciation for things that they honestly deserved appreciation for, and they love it and things started to work out! If I am ever wondering what to say, I just look for something to appreciate, and it goes perfectly.


Without this course, I would have gone on screwing things up, being scared and miserable approaching men.”


Nancy Mullan



I was doing my best to let my man know he is awesome AND that I wanted to grow closer, yet all he seemed to hear was that I was rejecting him.


With a big ah-ha during the ManSpeak Principle, I realized he is listening for where he is winning or losing with me. This explains so much of why he perceived my wanting to grow together as him losing!


Without this Challenge, I would have missed out on learning how he hears and sees me. LiYana is so gifted at revealing the two sides of the same street in this His and Hers guide to love!!!”


Jennifer Fanning
Weight Loss Expert
Washington DC



“My husband and I have been stuck in the same communication pattern for quite some time. I feel he’s self-absorbed and he feels that I over obligate myself. So, many times I just walk away because we don’t seem to get anywhere with our opposing points of view.


The course gave me additional communication tools to help me pause, reflect and think about all that my husband does do for our family. And to think about how to phrase my questions so I don’t immediately put him on the defensive. Now we’re not arguing as much and I’m quick to acknowledge how appreciative I am of the small things he does. He blushes and says, ‘Thanks, honey.’


I’ve been studying the tenets of positive psychology for many years and I teach courses on gratitude, so the Challenge was a reminder to ‘practice what I preach.’ Getting Fluent in Man Speak and Channeling my Inner Feminine Badass were my two favorites Principles!”


Danielle White
Director of Quality Enhancement and Training Outcomes



“When I first started Man Whispering, it all seemed so complicated and kind of contrived, and that it just wouldn’t work for me and my situation. I had so much fear around relationships with men.


But then something very pivotal happened. When he didn’t call me on my birthday when he said he would, instead of doing my usual go-numb-and-curl-up-on-the-bed thing and completely shut down like I can do, I decided to reach out and communicate with him directly about this hurt.


When we talked, I made it my number one priority to let him speak, hear his words, and not ram-rod him with all my feelings and thoughts. And by doing this, he not only spoke honestly and openly, but he gave me plenty of space to say what I needed. For the first time we had a DIALOG about a difficult issue. It felt so good.


I now realize that men need a space of safety too. Maybe they need it in a slightly different way than women and deliberately organized for them, but given some very important elements that you teach, they will start to open up. I know that what you teach can work, even for me!”


Susan M.
Boston, MA



“It is exciting that I could learn so much about relationships at my age and so much about myself in relationships!


My relationship with my son has changed dramatically. I can see every day that he feels acknowledged and loved and I have different ways of communicating with him that has made us closer. We aren’t constantly at odds anymore and I can quickly pick up on, or create, opportunities to engage with him! Without this course, I might have missed the opportunity to see my son come alive in the house and to see that he knows he is honored for who he is.


The course content is amazingly complete. The combination of audio trainings, hand-outs and home “play” (no ‘work’ involved here) provide lots of avenues for learning, exploring and reviewing. ”


Claire P., British Columbia, Canada



“I liked that right at the beginning of the course you reminded us that men are ‘Noble Creatures’ – something I may have forgotten. Courses like this help us to bring balance between the sexes with mutual respect and that is GREAT!


My partner and I have been in a relationship for many years. I can say that we overcame many challenges and were in a good space when I heard about the course. But however good a relationship is, there is no reason it cannot be better.


We are also in positions to share our knowledge with others – so the more we know, the more we can share. People see us as a successful couple but until I did the Man Whispering course I would have been at a loss to explain WHY we are.


It was great to see the material presented in such a logical and, can I say, loving way!”





“My man takes great care of me and spoils me. I really wanted him to feel just as desired and cared for as he makes me.


LiYana taught me the precise language to be able to ask him what he wants in a way that invites him in to open up. I love to ask, ‘If someone did this for you just the way you like, what would that look like?’


I’m so grateful for this Challenge; without it I would not have learned this very important hidden key to how we both give and receive affection.”


Joelle Budinsky
Cotati, California


What MEN are saying about Man Whispering

  • “This program was a turning point in my wife and my relationship. Truly an inspirational program. For all the ladies out there considering doing it, do not think twice…take the leap!”
    ~ Jeremy D.

  • “Since she took the Challenge, she has been a dream to be around.”
    ~ Rob S.

  • “OK, great, she wants flowers? I can give her more flowers! It helps so much when she can let me know exactly what she wants!”
    ~ Chris D.

  • “She’s been making requests that are easy to hear, to take in, and to fulfill.”
    ~ S’s boyfriend

  • “Man Whispering is smokin’ hotI! I almost wish I were a woman and could sign up.”
    ~ Dr. Gary S.

  • “Thanks for bringing this to women in a way that will help them connect to and love men. Keep on rockin'”
    ~ Tim J.

  • “I can tell instantly that LiYana is ON it, and is helping women to live their radiance. So, thank you, from a man who knows the difference, and appreciates that women are, ever more, reaching that amazing heart space.”
    ~ David S.

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What people are saying about LiYana


“Over the six years I’ve known LiYana as a consultant, colleague and friend, I’ve watched her simply be herself while bringing out the best in her man.

If you want not only a role model but also a smart set of training to turn your frog into a Prince Charming in the bedroom and all day long, this is a woman to watch and listen to.


If you want not only a role model but also a smart set of training to turn your frog into a Prince Charming in the bedroom and all day long, this is a woman to watch and listen to.


LiYana is a radiant feminine powerhouse who will knock you outa your complacent socks with a feather-light touch. She will renew your confidence in men, in your own divine glow, and in Love itself.”


Regena Thomashauer, Queen of Pleasure a.k.a. Mama Gena
Author, Founder and Teacher of the Womanly Arts Mastery Program
New York City



“I finally understand what’s been going on with all of my ‘failed relationships.’ Now that I’m a newly divorced mom of a toddler and thinking about relationships again someday, I’ve got the tools to be the woman I want to be for my son, my family, my business and someday for a lover.


I’m so glad I got clear on this before embarking on another relationship that could have been doomed before it even began.”


Megan Franzen, Mom & Health Counselor
New York



“Over the last ten years, I’ve witnessed LiYana’s relationship move from seriously rocky to seriously rock solid. I’ve noted the artful care, attention, creativity, and pleasure she’s poured into it to craft it into an inspiration to those around her, including myself.


I repeatedly send clients and friends to LiYana because she walks her talk and her stuff *works*. I see her ability to break the man-woman game down into bite-size, teachable, digestible components dissolve all sense of trepidation, no matter how vast or distant the dream of true love and partnership is. With LiYana, you can feel confident that step-by-step, you can have it all.”


Jena la Flamme, Weight Loss Coach,
New York City



“For most of my life I haven’t felt comfortable with intimacy or sex, let alone how to ask for what I want or really enjoying being intimate with partners.


My partner and I are now really enjoying each other in the bedroom, because I feel more connected to my body and my creative feminine power, and because I know how to ask for what I want without demanding, in a way that empowers him.


Quite simply, LiYana’s a freaking rock star. She comes from such a real, authentic and open place, and I feel like she really knows what she’s talking about and is living it fully!”


Anastasia Netri, Entrepreneurial Goddess Coaching
San Francisco



“My credit card company called me the other day to ask if LiYana’s charge was valid, so I got the opportunity to ask my self, ‘was this is the best money I spent all month?’ And my answer is – definitely yes!”


Kim Iglinsky, Fashion Model
San Francisco




LiYana is my love guru, and I’m not into gurus. She’s that good.


So what are the results of all this goodness? I fell in love with a brilliant, generous and sexy man who treats me like I’m the only woman in the world. Every night is ‘date night’ and every weekend is a holiday. He dotes on me and respects me and hangs on my every desire… and the adoration is completely mutual. It’s so easy, I sometimes have to pinch myself!


I know that my connection to and trust in ME is my anchor and the thing that makes it all work, and that connection is exactly what LiYana helped me discover. Get her in your corner.”


Nisha Moodley
Freeing women entrepreneurs to live their dream lifestyle



“I love when my partner works with or takes a course from LiYana; we always end up having a way better time – and more sex!


Steve Munn, Retreat Center Owner




“I realized that the problem is really me, not my partner. I’ve been expecting something from him (undivided listening, without interruption) that I don’t always give in return, even though I fool myself that I do.


All I’ve done since then is listen better, and the results have been terrific!


Judith McCullough



“I have keen sensors for what’s the real deal and what’s pretend and I knew from word one that LiYana is about Real, True Love. Raw, reverent, refined. Sexy, silly, soulful.


Her approach toward relationships is nothing short of revolutionary. She will, like she did me, inspire you to tear your relationship house down – and replace it with a castle.


To learn from LiYana is auspicious and delicious. Like lead to gold, what you know of Love will be forever alchemically altered.”


Sera Beak, Author, Spiritual Cowgirl and Redvolutionary
San Francisco



“I come from a family that doesn’t speak up about much when it comes to intimacy. I learned the importance of those simple, but easiest to forget, foundational elements of relationship: appreciation and communication. I find that I’m not letting the small stuff build up and turn into stupid ‘big stuff’ and I’m speaking up about how I’m feeling without blaming, so that he knows how I feel, what I desire, and giving him a chance to fill that.


All of this has empowered me to start really seriously thinking about marriage, children and deep lasting partnership in a way I have never ever, ever done before. And now I get to rewrite my own relationship rulebook.”


Former TV Host
Los Angeles



I was tired of being stuck in the same patterns with men, but I was also scared to address it and felt selfish for doing so.

My relationship history was like a series of shooting stars that had me soaring high for a brief beautiful moment, but then quickly fizzled out. I was eager to fall in love and willing to compromise my self to get there. When things didn’t work out, I would feel broken and unworthy.


I’ve developed my first solid, committed relationship and gotten in touch with my desires and learned how to vocalize them. I now feel like I’m enough, and my own inner flame is strong and stable so I don’t have to chase shooting stars anymore, I allow things to come to me. If you’re ready to step into your full power and create the relationship you truly desire, LiYana is your girl.”


Jess Grippo, Artist and Holistic Health Counselor



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To your loving up and loving of MEN,


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  • “This course makes it easy to look at yourself, your behaviors, and beliefs so it is possible to choose differently!”
    ~ Lynayn M.

  • “This course is the best I have come across in relationships, a gift that keeps on giving! It’s obvious LiYana really studied this stuff. I am transformed!!”
    ~ Nancy M.

  • “Thank you for making relationships a more fulfilling experience one simple step at a time.”
    ~ Tiffany B.

  • “LiYana has a real gift for creating safety and delivering enthusiasm and information in an inviting way that doesn’t make any of us feel that we’re relationship idiots.”
    ~ Danielle